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The Research Unit on Ageing (URV) comprises a team of researchers from disciplines within the social sciences. Its main mission is to contribute to an understanding of the social aspects of ageing.

Europe is currently posing many questions concerning the reorganisation of social protection systems (work, retirement, health) and in particular how these systems will develop according to changes in economic and financial circumstances, social domains, demographic trends, ideologies and institutions. Although these factors differ between countries, they can be linked to a European perspective and the trend for the European Union to take a greater role in shaping the future.

Choices made by individuals occur with the context of institutional transformations which impact on the end of working lives and also on residential options, the management of assets, access to statutory rights and welfare support that is directed towards vulnerable population groups. Demographic changes contribute to new family forms and these in turn play a role in the choices made by individuals, their working life histories, the timing of the end of careers, and decisions relating to housing and intergenerational transfers. In this respect, social networks and the family represent a substantial resource to help people in need.

The programme of research at the URV is based on the circumstances of individuals aged 50 and above together with the new generations of recently retired persons. This focus concerns the large generation born after the Second World War who are contributing towards the current changes observed in the labour market, in retirement policies and social care at advanced ages. They have different aspirations than previous generations whilst at the same time external constraints can modify aspects of family and professional life, both before and after retirement.

The programme of research forms part of the objectives of the CNAV undertaken with the agreement of the French Republic for the period 2009-2013, and it is orientated according to three dimensions:


Other activities of the URV  include the dissemination of recent and previous research findings on ageing and retirement:


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